Important Customer Notice

Due to our recent popularity of the Airwheel in Switzerland and across the world, there are many online sites selling counterfeit or unlicensed Airwheel products with low price offer.

We are the official web site for selling genuine Airwheel products and accessaries with valid warranty in Switzerland.

Please contact us if you have any inquiries on the Airwheel products.


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Airwheel Switzerland (Schweiz) Review in Deutsch

Airwheel Switzerland (Schweiz) Review in Deutsch

User Manual

Download the User Manual; PDF (381KB)

Airwheel Switzerland (Schwiez) Manual





Limited Product Warranty

All our Airwheel products carry a standard limited warranty offered ; All our Airwheel products are fully tested in the testing field in the factory.

Please note that warranty only covers a manufacturing defect, not a fault caused by user(s) or assembly.

Please check your Airwheel as soon as you receive it, if there are any concerns please feel free to contact us.

Please keep the warranty and the proof of purchase (i.e., receipt).
Only the receipt from our approved dealers in Switzerland can be valid.

1. 1 year for the Airwheel unit

2. 6 months for battery; 1 month for tire


Our Airwheel warranty will not be covered under the following conditions:

1. Purchased from non-official dealers

2. Malfunction due to misuse

3. Malfunction caused by unauthorized modifications, disassembling, or repair.

4. Accidental damage or malfunction due to unsuitable storage

5. Unmatched warranty/proof of purchase and product

6. Surface damages

7. Disassembling parts unspecified by this manual.

8. Damage or malfunction caused by long/frequent rides in the rain, snow or in water


About Us

We started our business because we are passionate about our products.

We believe that our products will bring you more time and freedom in your life to do better things.

Our idea was to create great, high-quality products at reasonable price for the Swiss customers.

We are a local company based in Zurich.

Registration No. CHE-367.026.980

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Airwheel TM is registered in The Swiss Federal Institute of Intellectual Property.

Registration no. : 56869/2014



Our friendly and experienced staffs are always eager to helping you.



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Registration No. CHE-367.026.980

VAT registered :CHE-223.388.495

Airwheel TM is registered in The Swiss Federal Institute of Intellectual Property.

Registration no. : 56869/2014


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